Liquid Light Show  X  Creative Coding

The 'merlin.yatara' collaboration is a live visual arts project using exlusively live feed of real time manipulations and creative coding. We film and send the manipulated materials through self coded digital effects to create organic and deep visuals, which are mapped onto three dimensional spaces, creating powerful immersive universes for the audience.  Furthermore, we bring in interactive content through an infrared sensor, which aims to integrate performance artists or the audience itself into the visuals.

Festival En Devenir 2023

Full Concert and Light Show with the Band 'Cosmyte'

This live light show brings together multiple analog and digital methods:
  • Liquid light show with old-school slide projector
  • Liquid light show with plate technique, filmed and transformed with self programmed effects on Mad Mapper and Touch Designer
  • Dancers interacting with generative fluid animations through a Kinect infrared sensor
  • AI generated images 

Music: Cosmyte from Cosmos
Camera: Mathieu Brefin
Festival EnDevenir

Autremont Festival 2021

Live immersive project for the indoor stage

Festival EnDevenir 2021

This aftermovie shows the visuals we did for 'Cosymte' band.