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''Merlin's Liquid Light" is the project of Louis Merlin Germond from Basel, Switzerland. He manipulates and projects colored liquids with overhead and slide projectors. These techniques among others were first seen in the psychedelic light shows of the 1960s.
The live performance creates an abstract display of light and color that conjures magical, shifting forms and evokes organic elements of the micro and macrocosm.

The Art Project started in 2015, when he discovered an interactive liquid projection by 'Analog Visuals Vienna' at Ozora Festival, Hungary. His major inspirations are Jean-Louis Gafner of 'Psychedelight', Steve Pavlovsky of 'Liquid Light Lab', Joshua White of the 'Joshua Light Show', and many other members of the 'Psychedelic Light Show Preservation Society' community.

Currently, Merlin is performing a variety of light shows for art events and festivals, and is also available for private bookings.

Upcoming Shows & Projects


Alte Synagoge, Hégenheim, France

Coming soon in Winter 2024

Past Performances

2023     20 Jahre Ostquai, CH                      Mind Retreat | Soul Space, FR                   Festival EnDevenir, CH

2022     Autremont Festival, FR

2021      Festival EnDevenir, CH                        Autremont Festival, FR
         Toasted #4, CH
         Elys Boulderloft, CH

2020     Toasted #3, CH

2019     Toasted #2, CH                                                Satrocks, CH                           Kepotopia Festival, DE                       Toasted #1, CH

2018     Satrocks, CH

2016        Tagträumer, CH

Collaborated with

yatara (as merlin.yatara)



Booking possibilities

Merlin's Liquids can be booked for a wide array of applications. A few examples are Graphics for a new Album; Photo or Video Shootings; Art Performance on Buildings, Live Shows in Theatre, Concerts, Parties, Festivals,  and many more...

Live Show

Concerts, Festivals, Art Events, Theatre Lighting, Private Events

Photo/Video Shooting

Shootings, Art Projects, Music Videos, Promo Reels


Album Covers, Design, Prints

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