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‘Merlin's Liquid Light’ is the work of Louis Merlin Germond, a multi-dimensional light artist from Basel, Switzerland.

A majority of his work utilizes the projection of permutating colored oils that conjure magical morphing shapes and hand-made organic elements  first seen in the Psychedelic Light Shows of the 1960s.

Through live performance and installations, the artist creates an abstract drama played out in light, color and sound, invoking the sublime and spiritual. He incorporates a variety of liquids and dyes utilizing overhead and slide projectors, producing a unique multi media live painting with light.

Currently, 'Merlin's Liquid Light' is performing a variety of light shows for arts events and festivals, and is also available for private bookings.

Future Shows & Projects


Grand-Vaux, Switzerland


Past Performances

Autremont Festival, FR
Toasted #4, CH
2021Festival EnDevenir, CH
Autremont Festival, FR
2020Toasted #3, CH
2019Toasted #2, CH
Satrocks, CH
Kepotopia Festival, DE
Toasted #1, CH
2018Satrocks, CH
2016Tagträumer, CH
2016-2020Various Outdoor Parties, CH

Booking possibilities

Merlin's Liquids can be booked for a wide array of applications. A few examples are Graphics for a new Album; Photo or Video Shootings; Art Performance on Buildings, Live Shows in Theatre, Concerts, Parties, Festivals, Weddings, and many more...

Live Show

Concerts, Festivals, Art Events, Theatre lighting, Weddings

Photo/Video Shooting

Art Projects, Music Videos, Creative Promo Reels


Album Covers, Design, Fluid Physics

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